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Hello, this is me.


And this is where I've been.

My technology career kicked off at Readmill, a ten-person startup in Berlin. There I wore all sorts of hats, from UX writing to marketing to PR and social media. After we were acquired by Dropbox, I started up the UX writing team there and led the development of the Dropbox content style guide. Next I worked on self-driving cars at NIO, where I was responsible for creative direction of this experience film.

Along the way, I also had a stint as Editor-in-Chief of The Manual, a design journal for the web. I took Issue 4 from idea to publication, working closely with invited authors to give their ideas voice. Before all that, I studied English at Harvard College and earned a Master's in Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.

With my best friend since college, I started up a podcast and coaching practice. After seeing each other through the best and worst of our twenties, Should We Studios was the next logical step in our friendship.

I grew up in a 3,000-person town in Pennsylvania and have since lived in Boston, Atlanta, and Berlin. Now I make home in San Francisco, with a lovely husband, a lazy bike, and a very cute dog.