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Lisa Sanchez

As a writer, advisor, and leadership coach, I design conversations that move people.

  Photo by Julia Robbs

Photo by Julia Robbs


What moves me

My work takes many forms, but my purpose stays the same: empowering leaders who break the mold, making space for diverse voices, and telling stories that spark change.

Where I've been

I've worked with design teams at Dropbox, NIO, Readmill, and The Manual. I studied at Harvard College, Harvard Divinity School, and the Coaches Training Institute. Full bio


How we can work together

Coaching leaders

As a leadership coach, I work with designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs to carve courageous paths toward the fuller lives, fulfilling work, and better world they imagine. I especially love working with people who are underrepresented in their fields.


Advising startups

I work with early stage companies to create products and tell authentic stories that speak to the many different kinds of people they hope to reach. My expertise spans consumer products, enterprise software, and self-driving cars, with teams from 2 to 1500 and audiences up to half a billion. The intersection of product design and brand voice is my favorite place to be.


What it's like to work with me

Lisa asks great questions, listens deeply, and offers insights that unblock creativity and make work feel magical again.

— Chris Baty, founder of National Novel Writing Month, head of UX Writing at Dropbox

I believe the best design is made in interdisciplinary teams, and Lisa is for me more than anyone else evidence to that belief. Although coming from a writing background, she helped me more than most to make my design work better. And from what I have seen this halo effect extends to her teams—people get better when they work with Lisa.

— David Kjelkerud, former design director at Dropbox, co-founder of Readmill


Should We podcast

Creative conversations about the everyday choices that make us.


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