Lisa Sanchez

As a leadership coach, writer, and creative director, I design conversations and stories that move people.

Whether I'm writing, designing, or coaching, my purpose stays the same: empowering leaders who break the mold, making space for diverse voices at influential tables, and sometimes building new tables altogether.

I work with early stage companies to create products and tell authentic stories that speak to the many different kinds of people they hope to reach. Currently that's NIO, a self-driving car startup, where I'm focused on service experience design.

As a leadership coach, I work with designers, technologists, and bosses to carve courageous paths toward the fuller lives, fulfilling work, and better world they imagine.

Previously, I've worked on Dropbox, Readmill, and The Manual, and I’ve lived in Boston, Atlanta, and Berlin. I studied at Harvard College and Harvard Divinity School, and I now live in San Francisco with a lovely husband and a very cute dog

photo by Julia Robbs