You could hear a pin drop

Things have been very quiet around here lately. As in, literally, very quiet. There are two main rooms in our apartment, and there’s a desk in each. From mine, in the bedroom, I can hear my sweetheart typing away at his, in the living room. 

The only other sound is the pup, who occasionally rolls over and lets out a big sigh, or trots back and forth between the desks, in hopes of rounding up at least one of us for a walk.

This is how we’ve been spending our afternoons and evenings over the past few weeks, typing and clicking away, noses pressed firmly to the grindstone, except when we meet up at the table for dinner, or sometimes, cheese (thank you, Granpa).

Austin Kleon was so right when he wrote that sometimes you just have to be boring in order to get things done. 

In other news, my latest post, “On learning new things,” is up on the Equals Project today. Also, sometimes I wish I were typing away on one of these.


Typewriter via Gallivanting Girls

Tuesday writing tip: Read out loud

Read Me, Lisa launched on Friday and is already in full swing! In addition to personalized writing and language services, I’ll be sharing writing tips and inspiration here on Bread & Butter each week.

If you have a writing question you’d like me to answer here on the blog, feel free to send me a note. And if you think you’d like to work together on an individual basis, I’d love to hear from you too!

Vintage turquoise typewriter from Good Bones Vintage Co.

This week’s writing tip: Read out loud

Reading out loud is a fantastic way to hone your writing voice. Even if it makes you cringe (and feels completely awkward) try reading your own writing aloud to yourself. Take note of sections that cause you to trip up while reading or lines that make you blush. It’s an easy way to notice structural hiccups and opportunities for revision. 

The next step is to read aloud for friends and family, and eventually, for strangers. It may seem scary, but reading at an open mic or writing workshop is often a powerful way to see (and hear) your writing from a fresh perspective.

I also love reading my favorite authors aloud, both to savor their words and to learn the cadences of their voices. What do you think? Have you tried it? If you could attend a reading by any author, who would it be?

Happy writing!

Vintage glass bottles

Whew! This week has been a whirlwind of papers and meetings and tying up loose ends. To start the weekend off with a healthy does of pretty, here’s a roundup of one of my favorite things: vintage glass bottles. I love the way they catch the light.

Happy Friday!

Farmhouse French antique blue-green glass jar from French Country Life.

Tiny vintage glass bottles (set of 3) from Kiss Me Awake.

Cobalt blue vintage bottles from The Old Lot Antiques.

I have beach fever.

I know.  It’s still January.  And summer feels like a million miles away, even here in Atlanta.  I can’t help dreaming of a breezy beach, a good book, and a little sand in my hair.  (And of course, a classy wide-brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen.)

Lately I can’t get enough of these vintage-inspired suits, and I thought you might like them too.  Marilyn-style glamour, plenty of coveragewhat’s not to love?

Which would you wear?

Wide-stripe bandeau tank, $88, at JCREW.

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