Weekend inspiration (also, an introduction)

Today I’d love to introduce you to The Equals Record, in case you haven’t stumbled upon it already. Created by Elisabeth Thurston Fraser and Miya Hirabayashi, it’s a beautiful collection of stories, thoughts, and images by women in different places (literally and figuratively). I’ve loved Meg Blocker’s thoughts on dating and reading lists, Roxanne Krystalli’s thoughts on home and away, and Erin Loechner’s letter to her mom. I’ll be writing a weekly column on Fridays, and my first post is up today! I hope you’ll stop by and wander around. You’ll certainly find something to sink into.

Wishing you a Happy Friday.

P.S. Do you have any weekend plans? Here are a few ideas.

I’d love to try these Vanilla Bean Cookies sometime.

Photo by 101 Cookbooks.

Lately, Stephen and I have been gravitating toward documentaries whenever we have a bit of downtime. We’ve loved Atom Smashers, Helvetica, and Mad Hot Ballroom, but our favorite was definitely The Buena Vista Social Club. Do you have any favorite movie recommendations? I’d love to know. 

Also, here’s what Lisa Golightly made last weekend.

Handmade clay candle holders. Image by Lisa Golightly.

Starting out

It’s my first day of full-time job searching, so, naturally, I thought we all could use a little something sweet. How about some butter almond cake?

We’d only been back in Atlanta for about 48 hours before it seemed like a good time to bake something. Everything we owned was still in boxes, except for a lovely little package of tartlet pans that had just arrived in the mail from Jess.

Those cute little pans came with a strong recommendation for use with this recipe for butter almond cake. And when Jess tells you to bake something, you better just get right to it.

Fortunately, we had all of the ingredients on hand (there aren’t very many), except for the sliced almonds to go on top. Don’t worry—if I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have even noticed there was anything missing.

As we drooled over our second (or was it third?) round of these last night, we tried our best to fit them in an appropriate category. It’s not completely cake or cookie, since it’s chewy on the outside and soft and crumbly at the center. Perhaps it’s more of an almond brownie? Or a cake/tart? Or maybe just a sweet pillow of happiness?

Anyways, our attempts at typology failed miserably, but we smiled a lot and ooh’ed and aah’ed over all of that almondy buttery sweetness. I’d say that makes the baking and eating of this thing a great success.

I would like to partake of your pecan pie.

Remember that scene from When Harry Met Sally? I never really understood it, but I always think of Harry talking in that crazy voice every time I try to say “Pecan Pie.”

Anyways, pecan pie is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve loved it so much for so long that I just assumed it must be very mysterious and very difficult to perfect.

Then, over the holidays, I got to help Stephen’s mom with a pecan pie (among many other delicious comfort foods). As it turns out, pecan pie is pretty much the simplest dessert I’ve ever tackled. I love it when that happens.

This weekend, I had some friends over for birthday sweets (I turned 25!), and a pecan pie made it into the spread. As I’m moving to Atlanta at the end of next month, I thought it’d be symbolic. Fortunately, it was also very delicious.

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I finally crossed red velvet cake off of my to do list over Valentine’s day (I used Joy the Baker’s recipe—just perfect!).  I’m always returning to my favorite comfort foods when it comes to baking, but I also love dipping into unfamiliar territory.   

Macarons are just so pretty and mysterious.  Do you have a favorite book or recipe for beautiful and delicious macarons?  I am in search of pretty pictures and helpful instructions.

These grapefruit and white chocolate macarons from Desserts for Breakfast sound tempting.  Or maybe I’ll start with pistachio.  I’ll keep you posted.

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(via artpixie)