Handmade Holiday

Here are a few of my latest favorite handmade finds for a bit of holiday gift-giving inspiration. In related news, Chanukah begins on Saturday night, and I am just. so. excited. It’s the simplest holiday (twinkly candles, potato pancakes—what more do you really need??), which is probably why it’s my favorite.

Happy weekend :)

For your sweetheart.


Hello, sunshine mug by Oh Leander, $25.

For your awesome sister.


Wooden v42 necklace by Kim Dulaney, $37.

For your crafty best friend.


Calligraphy starter kit by Linea Carta, $35.

For your mom.


French country home botanical sachets by Gardenmis, $50.

Cozying up and staying in

As I write to you today, I am wrapped in a sweater, bewildered that it’s already November and delighted that the whole wedding thing has come and gone. We’ve been practicing saying “husband” and “wife” and admiring our shiny new rings.

I’d love to share a bit more about that lovely occasion once I’ve got some visuals in hand. For now, feel free to hop over to The Equals Record for a brief post-wedding reflection, if you’d like.

I know we’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I thought I’d ease back into things today with a few favorite things I’ve been wanting to share with you.

First: blankets that look like sweaters. Also known as “cable knit throws.” Do these scream cozy or what?

Hand-knit cream cable blanket by Vero Gobet (via Etsy).

Pottery Barn cable-knit throw.

I smiled when I heard this sound portrait of a man who knits on his daily bus ride in Atlanta. It’s completely charming and beautifully told. And if you’ve ever tried knitting in public, you’ll totally empathize.

My friend Diana has a new interview series on her blog, and her first profile is on Jane Chun, a girl who wrote a thesis on the history of blue jeans. It’s a brief and lovely glimpse into the various components of someone else’s world.

Finally, my latest favorite Everygirl article is this beginner’s guide to entertaining. It’s the perfect introduction to staying in.

Wall art

Although we’ve mostly settled in, we’ve still got a few naked walls in our new place, and I’ve been scouring Etsy for the perfect prints. Here are some of my latest favorites. Which do you like?


Botanic Collection No.2 fine art photograph by Tropical Garden.


Orange bicycle print by RaceyTay.


Keep Calm and Be Fabulous print by Retro Love Prints.


Girl in a Yellow Suit print by Lisa Golightly.

Happy Friday!

On the fly

Lately it seems like so many things are up in the air. I’m graduating tomorrow and packing to move to a new city soon, so it seems like so many of the pieces of my everyday life are in transition.

Gray and white pom pom mobile by Little Nest Box.

It’s what Diana and I like to call a “logistical interlude”—when you leave your everyday behind for once-in-a-while things like packing your whole life into a car for a very long one-way road trip.

It’s such an exciting time, but I’ll feel much more at ease when everything is in its place again—in its new place, I mean. I can’t wait to call a new place home, settle in, and stay awhile.

White mobile / chandelier by Mod Fox.

Anyways, in the spaces between packing and graduating, my mind’s been drifting to comforting things that make a new place feel cozy.

Like mobiles, for example. I always think they’re so pretty and sweet—not just for hanging over baby cribs, but for grown-up bedrooms too. 

What do you think? Would you hang one in your room? Here are a few of my favorites.

Modern geometric mixed media mobile by Beep 3.

Bright white bubble mobile kit by Little Dreamers Inc.

Mother’s day gift guide

Just wondering, how will you be honoring the mom(s) in your life this year? Breakfast in bed? Something sparkly? A phone call? A visit?

In case you’re still searching for a sweet and simple gift, here are a few of my favorite handmade finds for Mother’s Day. 

Happy Friday!

A pretty necklace, made of vintage wooden beads, by Kim Dulaney, $37.

A canvas and leather tote bag by Bookhou At Home, $98. (Wouldn’t this make a perfect shopping tote, or a classy diaper bag for new moms?)

A sweet print, entitled “Two Kings,” by Lisa Golightly, $45.